A new investment universe to explore


Prudential’s PruFolio range offers breadth, diversity and simplicity to help you meet more of your client needs. And it’s very competitively priced.

What’s in the range?

  • 1 investment philosophy– providing robust governance, long-term strategic asset allocation and investment management oversight (all determined by PPMG*)
  • 3 investment styles– offering a choice of Active, Passive and Smoothed funds
  • 5 consistent risk strategies– 15 funds across five different risk profiles, volatility limits and distinctive asset allocation

* PPMG is part of M&G Prudential Investment Office  

Benefiting from PPMG’s asset allocation expertise and robust governance, the PruFolio range is worth exploring.

These funds will be for clients:

  • who want active fund management, the Risk Managed Active Fundsinvest in a broad range of assets, helping to spread risk across a fully diverse fund offering
  • looking to further lower their investment costs, the Risk Management Passive Fundsoffer this, and still invests in a selected range of asset classes including alternatives – unlike other passive funds
  • wanting help to smooth the extreme short-term ups and downs of direct stock market investments, the PruFund Risk Managed Funds could be their answer 

Visit Prudential’s dedicated hub to find out more and easily access the support you need to speak to your clients about it.

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